Derma roller ! Does it really makes your skin good ??


We are very conscious about our beauty and when it comes on face then we become more conscious , after spending lot’s of money we hardly get happy with results , we buy costly creams and facepacks but we never thought to treat it from the deep.

In this article we will talk about derma roller !! I hope you all might know about derma roller but those who don’t know much about it then let me tell you that derma roller is a product which look like this .

It has small niddles which insert on your skin and make tiny holes on your skin.

Don’t worry these holes are not dangerous they are very tiny and it get disappear in 5 to 6 hours .

Now these holes will help your skin to regrow and absorb some good and natural ingredients ! I will tell you about those later.

First let’s understand “how to use it”

All you have to do is wash your derma roller properly before using it on face , sanitize it properly because it may contains germs and they can go to your skin if you don’t sanitize it.

Then clean your face properly , if you have any makeup on your face then remove it and clean your face properly .

Then take your derma roller and gently roll on your chicks vertically for 1 min the horizontally for 1 min and diagonally for 1 min .

Then repeat the process on your whole face but don’t roll it hardly you just have to roll it gently .

After sometime you will see your face turning red but don’t worry this will be okay in some hours , use your derma roller at night so that you can sleep and give rest to your skin after using it.

Now the big question!!!

What to do just after using derma roller ??

Now this is important , many of you must have seen in the videos that people are saying use this creme or use this serum after rolling derma roller on your face .

But if i tell you my openion then you should not apply any artificial products on your skin after using derma roller .

Just take original rose water in cotton and gently apply it on your face , nothing can be better then this because your skin don’t like any chemical to come in .

Now the main question “Do it really works””

Well if i say directly then yes it does work but it take time its not a fairy tale who do magic and gives you result straight away .

You have to wait at least 3 months then you will see difference on your skin and in 6 to 7 months your skin will definitely become better than before .

Benefits of derma roller.

  • Remove acne
  • Fight with your wrinkles
  •  Remove Dark spots
  • Remove dead skin
  • Remove lines and dullness
  • Brighten your skin

And what it takes is your time as i told you earlier so give 3 to 4 months and then see the result .


Use derma roller once a week do not use it regularly otherwise it will damage your skin just use it once a week.

Always go for 0.5 mm derma roller because it’s good for face skin you can either prefer 0.25 mm also but 0.5 is better.

It’s little painful but once you become habitual then you won’t feel much .

I am attaching a video also , this is not my video but i have taken it from youtube



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