How grooming yourself can enhance your confidence


We better understand this , lets take a example “you went for an walk in interview held in your city for the position of manager in multi national company”.

When you reached at the venue you saw too many people were sitting and waiting for their turn suddenly you noticed that all of them were dressed well and looking decent .

Then you checked yourself and found that you were looking very different , every one at the venue was in proper suit and well polished shoes and you were the only one who came in casuals .

You were in so hurry that you didn’t even washed your face and when you saw people who were sitting there was neat and tidy then your whole confidence get down , no matter how hard you prepared it.

And why this happens??

Of course because of your looks, its not like someone with a ugly face but yes the one could look ugly if he dosen’t know how to dress well.

An ugly people can also look good if he knows that how to groom himself. This is not a theory , this is a true fact .

Your personality describes you so if you manage to make your personality better then you will get success in every field .

People always say that you should  wear neat and clean shoes because that’s the only thing which describes whether you are a gentleman or not.

“I totally agree with it we always judge someone’s personality by their shoes but that dosen’t mean to focus always on foots, you should also maintain your dressing style,hairstyle, accent and all.

Now coming back to the topic , how grooming increase your confidence??

I have given you the example of interview but let me explore it so you guys can better understand  what i am talking about!!!


Let me tell you a true story of my friend he was a hard working guy in college who were known by his accent of speeking he won so many medals and certificate in debate and group discussions .

The dean of our college nominated him for national debate competition in which he will be representing our college .

He had never participated in any national events so he dosen’t have much knowledge so he thought his speeking skills is sufficient to win the debate .

“He failed”  he wasn’t able to speak properly he forgot his lines and lost his popularity among the students , he was very upset .

One day he told me about how he loose the confidence on that day , he said “i was pretty confident that i would speak well but when i went backstage i compared myself with the other competitor and i found that i was not even looking like a debate master like others.

Not because of speaking skills but i felt very low when we stood together for a photo shoot and i was completly looking  different because i saw people were clean shaved and wearing tuxedoes with polished shoes and how professionally they were talking with each other.

That was the moment when i lost the battle i was stunned because i have seen something which i never expected , i would have perfomed better but i lost .

Guys may be you think that this is not true but beleave me if you ever face this kind of situation then you will realize how correct i am .

So this was a some true example just stand in the front of mirror and look at you again and again and notice whether you look according to profession or not .

Have you ever seen a faty sportsmen or swimmer ?? No!! Then why don’t we change ourself we should maintain our personality .

From now ownwords do one thing when you go somewhere where you have to represent something or for any sake of things , dressed up according to the ocassion and look like a professional guy.

No matter what but you should look good. Then you will feel a new confidence in yourself which will help you in almost every field .


The total game of confidence depends on brain , we all know brain the the main part of our body it really play an important role in our day to day life , if your brain is healthy then your plan will become successful .

When you make your brain think good then you will also think good , when you groom yourself then your brain is also active it analysize everything which you do and further give positive results .





4 thought on “How grooming yourself can enhance your confidence”

  1. Totally agree with this, how you look and feel affects how you compose yourself. If I want to feel successful and productive then I make sure I make an effort. If I don’t you don’t feel as good in your self and also looking the part. Also I find taking time out to look after yourself helps productivity levels, taking time to make yourself feel and look better.

    1. prashundubey says:

      You are absolutely correct 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    I agree, a little bit of self care can make a huge difference to your confidence levels

  3. It took me a long time to learn a routine of keeping myself up. 100% confidence can come when we rake care of ourselves and thats why I blog about that so frequently.

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