Vitamin c serum for face

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Ever thought about something which makes your skin looks natural just like you had in childhood ??

Well today i have decided to talk about your skin basically face skin , we become very concious when someone talks about your face glow or something related to it.

So it is very important to take care of it , face is something which reflects your emotions so you must take care of it.

There are multiple treatment available in the market who promise to make you fair and beautifull but is it worth ??

Well i don’t think so be happy in whatever you have be thankful to god , no such things makes you look good all it takes your money and time .

Now talking about the topic “vitamin c serum” basically vitamin c serum is used to make your skin good and glowing .

The biggest myth about it is it makes you fair everyday, well again i will say noo

I agree vitamin c serum has some good ingredients which helps you to fight with skin diseases like acne scars sunburn but it can not make a dark person to fair.

It helps you to get your damaged skin to healthy skin because many people complains that they were fair in childhood and now they become dark.

Vitamin c serum actually help those who were facing these issues , with the passage of time it helps you to get your glow back.


Coming to the next step after knowing the effects of vitamin c serum , let us talk about its usage

Use it twice a day one after waking up and 2nd at night before going to bed.

• wash your face properly dry it with towel , take 5 to 7 drops of vitamin c serum rub your hand and just apply on your face .

•You can mix it with your moisturiser as well as sun screen , you don’t need to massage on your face just rub your hand and tap on your face gently .

•Repeat this process daily until you find difference on your face , if i tell you my experience then it may take up to 2 months to give you results .

Well let me tell you what i am using and you can also buy it .

When you browse vitamin c serum you may find many brands so you can choose something which fulfil your expectation .

But i prefer you the above one , you can use after derma roller , if you don’t know what is derma roller then check it out

Make sure to read the above mention topic then you can actually understand about both the product .

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